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Stroke Prevention in Studio City, CA

Stroke Prevention in Studio City, CA

Having a stroke  is a frightening and life-changing ordeal. Also known as a brain attack, a stroke occurs when a blood clot travels to, and remains lodged in, key arteries that supply blood to the brain. Stroke prevention is treatment dedicated to prevent strokes before they occur.

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What is a Stroke?

Before understanding stroke prevention, it's important to understand what a stroke is. A stroke occurs when a blood clot  becomes lodged in the artery that supplies blood to the brain. This causes a number of symptoms.

Possible stroke symptoms include:

  • Difficulty moving
  • Sudden inability to speak
  • Numbness
  • Paralysis
  • Headache
  • Vision problems

Many of these problems occur during the stroke itself and may remain present long after the stroke has passed. When a stroke is in progress, little can be done to treat it or mitigate the symptoms. Various emergency procedures may need to be taken to avoid death, all the while trying to prevent long-lasting damage.

That is why stroke prevention is such an important part of stroke treatment. Stroke prevention is an important part of healthy living and aging.

How does Stroke Prevention Work?

Stroke prevention is not just one treatment, but instead a combination of preventive measures. Working closely with a medical professional can help reduce stroke risk dramatically. While some strokes are unavoidable, many can be dodged through changes in lifestyle.

Some items that can aid with stroke prevention include:

  • Blood pressure: Having a high blood pressure  can contribute to stroke risk. Reducing stress and increasing healthy eating habits can thus have a positive impact on both overall health and stroke prevention.
  • Diet: Eating a healthy diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, can help reduce stroke risk. A healthy diet can also lower blood pressure.
  • Exercise: It's important to exercise every day, particularly when it comes to aerobic exercise. This type of exercise can lower blood pressure, contribute to weight management and fight stroke.
  • Weight control: Having a healthy weight not only contributes to longevity and overall wellness, but can also lower stroke risk and blood pressure.
  • Alcohol & Tobacco: Both alcohol  and tobacco (smoking ) are bad habits that contribute to the likeliness of having a stroke
  • Certain medications: There are also many different medications that can help prevent stroke, including medicines designed to lower blood pressure and thin the blood in order to avoid clots.

One of the best ways to prevent a stroke is with a stroke prevention plan developed by a medical professional.

Request Stroke Prevention Information Today

Attempting to understand stoke prevention can be very difficult. Working with a medical professional is one way to develop a strong stroke prevention plan. Request more information today: call (424) 365-1800 or contact Dr. Jeremy Fischer online.

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